Koop Diamond Cutters, LLC

Custom Jewelry, Visionary Restoration

Creating a custom piece of fine jewelry starts with your idea. You come in to meet with us and share your vision. What does this piece mean to you? What’s your style? You show us examples of what you like (and don’t like), we talk price ranges, and then we get to work. 

During the design process, we start with simple pencil sketches. You’ll get to see and provide feedback, and once we’ve captured the essence of your idea, we transfer those sketches into our CAD/CAM system. It’s called The Matrix (don’t worry, we don’t make you choose the red or the blue pill). 

Using the Matrix software, we transform those two-dimensional drawings into 3D renderings with full color. You get to review and react to those digital renderings and request any changes. The Matrix sends the design to our 3D printer and creates a prototype you can hold in your hand! When it’s just right, we move from design to manufacturing. 

To create your custom piece, we ask the Matrix to generate dimensionally accurate wax models, which become metal casts. Then we fire up the furnace, melt your metal of choice, and pour it into the cast. From casting, your piece goes to setting, where we place your gemstones, and then we polish it to perfection. You get the call that your piece is ready, and we eagerly anticipate the big reveal when you receive your new exclusive piece of Koop Custom jewelry.

When repairing or restoring jewelry, the process is similar. You will bring in the piece and share what your vision is for it. We’ll work together to find the most beautiful way to bring it back to life, create sketches, 3D renderings, and sometimes prototypes. Then we’ll start the actual repair process! 


"The ring you have designed for my nephew is as unique and beautiful as the woman he's giving it to. You have another customer for life! I'll be more than happy to give Koop Diamond Cutters glowing referrals whenever the opportunity arises."

"Thanks for taking care of the estate jewelry for us. It was great to go to someone we trust since we have no experience in these matters."
~Beth and Mike

"I love the necklace! People comment and admire it, but best of all, I feel so close to my parents when I wear it. You are wonderful - creative, passionate, and you listen. You have great talent and you are using it."

At Koop Diamond Cutters, we employ the skilled craftsmen and modern technology needed to handle any project. We perform all design, repair, and creative work on site, so you can rest easy knowing that your valuables remain in our care from start to finish.

We can assist you with any of the following:

  • Prong Tipping
  • Prong Head Replacement
  • Gemstone Replacement
  • Gemstone Cutting & Polishing
  • Jewelry Inspection
  • Koop Custom Design: 3D CAD Modeling
  • Hand Carved Wax Models
  • Fine Metal Casting
  • Machine Engraving
  • Estate Jewelry Acquisition
  • GIA Certified Gemologist Appraisals
  • Jewelry Repair & Restoration
  • Ring Sizing
  • Half Shanks
  • Full Shanks
  • Adjustable Shanks
  • Polishing & Cleaning
  • Chain Repair
  • Clasp Replacement
  • Charm Attachments
  • Bail Repair & Replacement
  • Rhodium Plating

Other services we offer through trusted affiliates: Watch Service ~ Hand Engraving ~ Pearl Stringing