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Koop Diamond Cutters Incorporated DOES NOT use any portion of this website for maliciously collecting personal information about its users. This means we collect no information about our website users and visitors that has not been submitted to us by the web site user or visitor. We DO NOT track the Internet activities of our website users and visitors.

Koop Diamond Cutters Incorporated DOES store information sent to us from website users and visitors via submission forms or any other submission to us containing information such as via email. The information we collect is nothing beyond what the user or visitor knowingly submits (there is one exception, see "Collection of IP Address" below), such as, but not limited to: first name, last name, email address, phone number, street address, city address, state address, zip code, comments, and how the user found our site. We DO NOT use any information for the purpose of tracking the activities of our website users and visitors. Any email address collected may be used in our email mailing list directory. Any street, city, state, and zip code information may be used for mailing list directory purposes.

Every computer contains an IP (Internet Protocol) address that is used to uniquely identify that computer within the entire Internet. When a user or visitor of our website sends us a submission form or email, the IP address of the originating computer is automatically revealed to us. Koop Diamond Cutters Incorporated DOES store IP address information. This information is only used in cases of fraudulent information, fraudulent transactions, or other illegal activities. Any IP address information we have acquired about our website users and visitors IS NOT used for any other purpose. We DO NOT use I.P. address information for tracking or identifying our website users and visitors.

Koop Diamond Cutters Incorporated DOES NOT sell or distribute any information collected about users and visitors of our website to any third party. The only exception to this is in the case of a necessity to reveal information to a third party in order to fulfill a specific service request or other specific request on behalf of the website user or visitor. Koop Diamond Cutters is committed only to providing the best service to the customer that pertains to our business of producing and selling fine jewelry, stones, and accessories. We are not in the business of collecting and selling or sharing personal information about our website's users and visitors.

We are not responsible for the collection or use of information that is submitted to us falsely (for example: someone else submits your information). If you feel information about you has been sent to us without your consent and would like to be removed from our records and would like your information to no longer be used by us in any way (for example: being present in our email mail directory list), please contact us at webmaster@koopdiamondcutters.com.

Koop Diamond Cutters Incorporated holds the right to change any portion of this privacy policy at any time as long as it is within the bounds of local, state, and federal applicable laws. Any changes will be posted immediately to this page within our website.

All Inquiries about personal information or this privacy policy should be sent to Service@koopdiamondcutters.com.